I would like to thank all my mentors for encouraging me and giving timely suggestions to start a purely charitable foundation — “NANMA” meaning “goodwill”.

During the two decades of my engagement with various cultural and charitable associations. I had come across several incidences that gave me sleepless nights.

In our day to day lives, we come across parents who are homeless, kids starving for education and livelyhoods, people who are mentally/physically challenged and need medical assistance and those who struggle for one-time meal.

You may term it as the cruelty of god or pass it off as their fate.

Our team realised that for several reasons, most of us are unable to contribute to these people or attend to their needs. And the hands that are serving are just not enough to reach out to the millions living in despair.

Thus began our journey with small initiatives of kindness and love.

My humble request to all our well wishers continue sharing your love and support so that we can help make this a better place to live in